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KoDoll golden pig (Character)

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KoDoll golden pig

│ Description │
KoDoll golden pig is KoDoll’s special design. Its eyes are smiling eyes of half moon shapes. Its cute looks make people feel happy. You can use it as a cushion, a doll. KoDoll golden pig is gift item to bring good luck.

│ Function │
Cushion , Doll

│ Feature │
KoDoll’s special design , Cute looks

│ Specification │

  1. Material : polyester
  2. Size : height - 30cm / belly band - 64cm

Lovely Kodoll wants to be friends with people and give people happiness. KoDoll’s warm heart make people feel happy!! The more you see KoDoll, the more you are happy. While KoDoll were so eager to be friends with people for a long, long time, KoDoll’s claws changed to heart-shaped. KoDoll’s eyes are smiling eyes of half-moon shapes. While cuddling up with KoDoll pillow and whispering to each other, you can sleep happily.
Have a happy time every day by being friends with KoDoll which take you into the world of imagination .